This iPhone 6 Case Will Probably Get You Arrested

By Gary Cutlack on at

People in America might want to avoid buying the Peneric Gun Pistol case for the iPhone 6, unless they fancy getting gunned down by enthusiastic police within seconds of checking for new notifications.

The quite amazingly idiotic gun-shaped phone case comes in comedy pink and realistic black, even having a pretend trigger where the real trigger would be on an actual gun -- giving any armed response officers all the justification they need to practise their headshots out in the real world.

Several one-star vigilantes are already out in force in the gun case's product reviews section on Amazon, suggesting it's a pretty stupid thing to buy considering the quite fraught gun relations situation in the US. One reviewer suggests you "DONT TAKE TO SCHOOL" if you want to avoid a serious meeting in the headmaster's office followed by a prolonged spell of being in trouble, with most concentrating on how it'll probably get you shot or at the very least tasered.


Other reviews suggest it's "cheap and breakable" so even if you live in a place where you're not likely to get gunned down within seconds as TV news helicopters circle above you, it's still not the best idea for a thing. [Amazon]