This Pavilion is Made From... Cardboard?

By Jamie Condliffe on at

This cubic pavilion was constructed in the heart of Valencia in March. With its crisp, straight geometric lines and lustrous silver finish, it looks like it’s made of metal: aluminium? Some kind of steel? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s cardboard.

The structure, known as the Ekklesia pavilion, was built by the art collective Pink Intrude, reports Dezeen.

It’s built up from eight horizontal layers of metallic cardboard tubes, supported by a seven-by-seven grid of vertical columns. It sits atop a 96,000-tile mosaic, which echoes the geometry of the structure itself. You can see a time-lapse of the construction process in the video below, along with how the final structure looks at night, when it’s illuminated with a cascade of blinking LEDs. [Vimeo via Dezeen]