This Video Shows Why You Should Never Mess With the Queen's Guard

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ever wondered what might happen if you were to get in the way of one of those guards with the red clothes and pointy furry hats that parade around some of our most densely packed tourist attractions? This man found out. You get sort of chest-stomped by someone ordered never to stop marching lest the Queen chop his head off.

The clip's on YouTube under the descriptive tag of Make Way - Stupid Man. We assume he's called Derek because we hear "Guards coming down, Derek. Mind! Mind!" before a belated "Make way" is shouted by the guards a bit too late to stop him getting roughly barged off the road.

Sadly the clip ends prematurely. We never get to see the bloodied and broken body on the road, lying where he was trampled by the Queen's personal police. Or maybe he lived and was just a bit embarrassed? We'll never know. [Standard]