"Twerking" Enters the Oxford English Dictionary, Will Now Score 16 Points in Scrabble

By James O Malley on at

It's that time of the year again – when everyone has a chance to feel out of touch with the inclusion of 500 new words in the Oxford English Dictionary.

According to the Guardian new additions include Twerking, Twitterati, Fo Shizzle, Webisode, and Voluntourism.

I know what you're thinking: Meh. But that's OK, because "Meh" has been added too, after being popularised by The Simpsons:

Interestingly, according to the Guardian, "twerking" isn't just a neologism but actually has historical reference points. The OED was able to dig up a reference to "twirk" in 1820 referring to a twisting or jerk movement, and "twerk" spelled in the modern way in 1901. So could the uptight Victorians have secretly been into the provocative dance?

Now we know what you're thinking. This is great news, but what does it mean for my Scrabble skillz? While the makers of the game would probably prefer you to use the official Scrabble dictionary, here's what the scores work out as if you go by the OED:

Twerking – 16
Meh – 8
Twitterati – 13
Webisode – 14
Voluntourism – 17
Fo Shizzle – 33

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