UK National Lottery Change Means You're Three Times Less Likely to Win the Jackpot

By Gerald Lynch on at

The UK National Lottery is to undergo its biggest change in 21 years, increasing the number of prizes given out but also dramatically reducing a player's chance of winning the top prize jackpot. Sorry dreamers, but you're probably not going to be making that round the world trip any time soon.

New UK National Lottery Jackpot Odds

From October, the number of balls players will choose from will increase by ten, from 49 to 59. Though you'll still need to pick six winning numbers for the top prize, the odds of you doing that successfully jump from an already-far-fetched 1 in 14 million to closer to 1 in 45 million. That's roughly three times less likely you'll come away stinking rich than previously.

Overall, your chances of winning a lesser prize should go up, from about 1 in 54 to 1 in 9.3, with two matching numbers now making you eligible to claim a Lucky Dip ticket for future draws. A larger prize pool should make it "easier" to win a million too, though you're now less likely to pick up the entry-tier three ball prizes.

In a statement, Camelot, the lottery operators, said that it believes the changes will make for a more exciting game, as huge super-jackpots become more common.

"Although more numbers to choose from means the odds on the existing prize tiers will lengthen, players will win more often, have more chances than ever to become a millionaire and will have the chance of winning huge rolling jackpots, which we know they love,' it said.

So. It could be you then, but it probably won't be. Anyone looking to buy a ticket out of their dead-end jobs may want to invest a few more quid in the poor mans tax in the run up to October, while the odds are ever-so-slightly more in your favour. Or, you know, stop gambling, invest the money and make a bit of extra cash that way.