Watch the World Fly By, One Instagram Hyperlapse at a Time

By Sean Hollister on at

I just watched the sun set on Russia. Pigs run around a farm in Denmark. Hundreds of New York City students graduating in cap and gown. These things basically just happened in locations all around the world, and yet I saw them all in less than a minute.

Hyperlax is a website that plays Instagram videos in your browser window, with some soothing trance music to accompany them. But it’s not just any Instagram videos: it grabs the very latest sped-up-and-stabilised hyperlapse videos uploaded using Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, and tells you exactly when and where they were filmed. It turns out that in many cases, people are using hyperlapses to quickly show off what life is truly like in a given location, at a given time of day or during a particular event.

You’re not necessarily watching things unfold in actual real time like Periscope or Meerkat, but you also don’t have to deal with pesky narrators or people trying to mug for the camera.

It’s pretty amazing—relaxing, even—to watch the world fly by so fast. Give it a try? [Hyperlax via Product Hunt]