Watch Tom Hardy Beat Up Tom Hardy in New 'Legend' Kray Twins Trailer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mad Max himself is about to portray another couple of lunatics on the cinema screen, with Tom Hardy doubling-up to play both halves of the Kray twins in the biopic Legend, a filmĀ that covers their rise to the top of London's crime scene during the 1950s and 1960s.

Several other rather famous Brit actors pop up too, with Christopher Ecclestone and young upstartĀ Taron Egerton both getting a few lines in this latest trailer. Cue the 1960s pastel shades and funny old glasses, just like Mad Men:

He's been doing that thing where you suck a bottle top to make your lips go all puffed up, and they could've got Nick Frost in to play the other one and saved a lot of unnecessary camera work. But still. Looks good.

Hardy's no stranger to being on-screen nutcases, either. He played Charles Bronson in similarly gruesome biopic Bronson, which also contained many enjoyable scenes of extreme prison brutality, while the female demographic will have fond memories of his turn in one of the more recent adaptations of Wuthering Heights, back on ITV in 2009 when he was a long-haired hunk. In short, there ought to be something for everyone. [YouTube]