What is the Most Obnoxious Behavior You've Seen on Public Transport?

By Alissa Walker on at

Manspreading—the phenomenon where males require extra room on trains for their oversized scrotums—has been in the news lately with several reports of men being arrested on the New York City subway for occupying more than one seat. It's an "offence" seen on UK tubes, and even the celebrities of Game of Thrones are culprits. But surely this isn’t the worst offense committed on our public transportation systems?

While manspreading is often assholish and usually gross (and, it should be noted, not exclusive to men), it certainly isn’t the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen a human do on a train. Who else here has been hit in the face with an airborne fingernail clipping thanks to the self-manicuring woman sitting opposite? Hold up. We are arresting people for taking up more than one seat but we let the public fingernail clippers run free?

Come on, you know you’ve been waiting to vent about that bloke yelling at his mum on speakerphone on a packed bus. Or perhaps it's the city worker consciously avoiding eye contact with the pregnant lady waiting for a seat. Please describe your experiences in exquisite detail. Tubes, trains, buses—we want to hear it all. No method of transportation is safe from the inconsiderate.

Image Credit: London Bridge from Shutterstock