Where is The World's Smallest 128GB Flash Drive Hiding All Its Storage?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

SanDisk’s just announced an updated version of its Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive that now comes with 128GB of storage, somehow hidden inside a tiny form factor that’s barely larger than the USB connector hanging off the other end.

It’s small enough to hang off your keychain without ever noticing it’s there, but compact flash drives like these are actually better suited as an easy way to boost storage on ultra-thin laptops that are impossible to otherwise upgrade. The £61.99 drive, available now, sits almost completely flush to the side of your machine when attached, meaning you can leave it perpetually plugged in as permanent additional storage.

With read speeds maxing out at 130MB/s, the 128GB Ultra Fit definitely isn’t the fastest USB 3.0 flash drive you can buy. But what it lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in ease of losing. [SanDisk]