Which Rappers Talk About Cars The Most?

By James O Malley on at

Forget mapping the human genome or landing a man on the moon: finally science has done something useful. In an incredible new post on Medium, an author called "MC Big Data" has performed a systematic analysis of rap lyrics to work out which cars rappers talk about the most.

The research was conducted by taking the lyrics from Rap Genius and picking out mentions of cars. It revealed that by quite a stretch Mercedes Benz is the most prolific marque, appearing in almost 4,500 songs; this is followed by Cadillac and Chevrolet. The least popular car to rap about? Subaru. With less prestigious brands like Ford and Volvo not fairing that much better.

The research also, disappointedly, points to Tesla not being popular among rappers. I guess they do like Riding Dirty.

What's curious is that since 2008, references to Mercedes Benz have jumped significantly. It would be interesting to see if this trend is entirely organic, or whether there has been some paid product placement been going on, as is common in rap (we've genuinely no idea what happened).

Perhaps most astonishing too is the sheer regularity with which certain rappers name-drop cars. Rapper "The Game" has written 279 songs that mention cars, which accounts for almost 65 per cent of his entire discography. In terms of absolute numbers though, Gucci Mane (we've never heard of him either) takes the crown: he has 302 songs mentioning cars. [Medium]