Will the iPhone 7 Have No Home Button?

By James O Malley on at

Apple could be planning to get rid of the physical iPhone home button beneath the screen, rumours suggest.

Apple Insider cites "sources" that say it could be disappearing with what is expected to be the next major iPhone hardware revision in 2017.

What's interesting is Apple's plans for TouchID if this changes goes ahead: the suggestion is that the fingerprint reader could be integrated directly with the screen itself, enabling users to scan their prints anywhere.

In terms of replacing the app switching/home screen functionality of the home key, the speculation is that Apple could either switch that functionality to a new, on-screen button at the bottom (a bit like Android), or use "ForceTouch" pressure-sensing, which everyone currently expects to be a feature on future iPhones after making its debut in the Apple Watch and new Macbook.

The website claims that its source has been on the money in the past, which makes this particularly intriguing. Obviously though we don't expect to hear anything official from the notoriously tight-lipped Apple until Tim Cook gets on stage in November 2017 – so, umm, tune in then to find out if the rumours are right. [Apple Insider]