Xbox One 1TB Edition Officially Revealed with £349.99 Price Tag

By Gerald Lynch on at

The measly 500GB Xbox One is dead. Long live the 1TB version!

Well, to say the 500GB version is "dead" is a bit of an exaggeration -- with Microsoft now officially lifting the covers off its revamped 1TB console, the 500GB edition falls to £299.99. But from the very day the original specs were announced we all knew that 500GB wasn't going to be enough to hold many games, apps or films, so saving up the extra bottlecaps for the £349.99 double-storage version seems the obvious choice now.

Other than that, the console itself remains unchanged. However, it does ship with a slightly-tweaked controller which includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, with volume levels and mic monitoring for your standard headsets handled through the Xbox settings menu. It also now supports wireless firmware updates, with bumpers that should be more responsive along the entire length of the buttons. Shipping starts on June 16th. [Xbox]