You Could be the Next Top Gear Presenter

By James O Malley on at

Are YOU an expert on cars and motoring?

Do YOU like casting poorly informed doubt on the global scientific consensus on climate change?

Could YOU resist the temptation to punch a colleague?

Then YOU could be the new presenter of Top Gear, as Chris Evans has revealed that the BBC plans to hold open auditions for his co-presenters.

Yes, it is a busy day for Top Gear news.

According to The Guardian, budding presenters will have to submit a 30-second video and demonstrate "appetite, hunger and need" for the job. Apparently the BBC doesn't have a set ideal person in mind, with Evans saying that new presenters could be "Male, female, old, young, it doesn’t matter. The one thing that does matter if you’ve got to have a real appetite for cars, and you’ve got to know something about cars".

This isn't completely unprecedented: James May and Richard Hammond only got their Top Gear gigs after going through a similar audition process. Videos submitted should apparently not contain any gimmicks, and should show the presenter from the waist upwards.

Evans has said that he "100 per cent" wants a woman presenting with him (with motorsport/ The Gadget Show's Suzi Perry a much talked about contender). But after saying that, BBC Two controller Kim Shillinglaw intervened to say that there will be no "gender diktat" when casting the rebooted show. [The Guardian]