Your Shower Curtain is Making You Infertile

By Gary Cutlack on at

The chemicals that abound in today's modern fabrics, electronic devices and clothing are ruining the fertility of the men of the world, with researchers claiming as few as one in four of us may have good quality sperm – plus the average, er, volume we produce is down by a quarter since the 1940s. Let's compare!

The findings come from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology gathering in Lisbon this week, where reproduction expert Dr Niels Jorgensen said a cocktail of thousands of chemicals are creating a toxic modern environment for men.

He studied nearly 5,000 Danish men over a 15-year period, finding that as many as 15 per cent have poor quality sperm and may struggle to father a child at all, with the bodies of a further 27 per cent producing a low-grade solution.

Everything from shower curtains and car dashboards to sun creams and modern clothing fabrics are laden with chemicals from the phthalates family and could lower a man's fertility thanks to his mother being exposed to them while pregnant, says Jorgensen, meaning the damage may be irreversible. Jorgensen thinks that: "Modern life is having an impact because we are exposed to so many chemicals and we don't know what they do." [The Times]

Image credit: Man in the shower from Shutterstock