1TB PS4 UK Release Date is July 15th, Comes With Free PlayStation TV

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been requested pretty much since the PlayStation 4 launched with its lowly 500GB hard drive, and now those in the UK looking to buy a PS4 will finally be able to get one with a 1TB hard drive, as of July 15th.

Doubling the storage capacity of the original PS4, the console is otherwise identical. And though it's packed with extra hard disk space, it'll sell for only £349.99, which is the same RRP as that which the 500GB console still goes for at some outlets. In other words, bargain hunters, that 500GB console is due a price cut any time now.

1TB PS4 UK release date

But of course Sony wants you splashing the extra pennies on the newer one terabyte PS4 and, to sweeten the deal, it's throwing in a free PlayStation TV micro console "while stocks last" for those that snap up the first 1TB PlayStation 4 consoles to hit the shelves. Listing its preferred retail partners as GAME and Smyths in the press release, they look likely to be your best bet to get hold of the freebie (and with no precise stock numbers quoted, you'd expect the offer to be fairly limited).

The PlayStation TV acts as streaming box for the PS4, letting you stream games from your living room machine to a TV somewhere else in your home. It's effectively a PS Vita without the screen and, though it's not without its problems, as a giveaway it's not to be sniffed at. [PlayStation]