9,400 Londoners a Year Die Because of Air Pollution

By Gary Cutlack on at

This horrible map may make Londoners think about bringing forward their retirement to the countryside, as it shows the level of nitrogen dioxide particles in the air -- the poisonous gas spewed out of diesel cars. Put all the wheat germ you like into your iced coffee, it's not going to save you.

The stats are generated by Place I Live, on a map that also shows the levels of PM10 dust particles -- the ground-up dirty bits in the air caused by factories, farming and more road pollution. If you live, work, or travel through a red bit, best do so while holding your breath.

This latest worry about London's air quality has been triggered by researchers at King’s College London, who say NO2 and smaller PM2.5 dust particles in the air are combining to cause around 9,400 early deaths each year, also hitting the city with an economic loss of between £1.4bn and £3.7bn from people dying too soon and needing medical treatment for respiratory problems.

The Greater London Authority and Transport for London commissioned the report, which says London sees around 3,537 early deaths from dust-related pollution and a further 5,879 attributable to NO2 levels. [King’s College London via TimeOut, Guardian]