A Taxonomy of Hip Coffee-Shop Names

By Jamie Condliffe on at

As you walk down the pavement, you see a chalkboard in the distance. As you step a little closer, you smell the deep musk of coffee emanating from an artfully distressed front door. Out steps a man with a beard, a Mac slung under his arm, sipping from small re-useable cup. You’ve stumbled across another hip coffee shop. Now, what’s it called?

Purveyors of data, Information is Beautiful, has taken a close look at the best — or is that, most hip? — coffee shops in London to establish a Taxonomy of Hipster Coffee-Shop Names.

It breaks the naming structure down by type: there are ones themed around drugs, chatter, beans, brewing, socialism and more. But they all share one thing in commons: they sound just like they could be hand-painted above that scene you just envisaged.

[Information is Beautiful]

A Taxonomy of Hip Coffee Shop Names