Activists Cancel Cable Car Tightrope Walk Due to Wobbliness

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Greenpeace protest that would've seen some of its more adventurous members tightrope walking along the Thames cable car line was cancelled today, after activists got up there and decided the cable was a bit too wobbly for comfort.

The protest, which gave the man who runs the Emirate Dangleway satirical Twitter feed something interesting to talk about for once, was spotted by TfL staff, who explained: "Our security systems alerted us to trespassers on the Emirates Air Line this morning. The cable car was not running at the time and there is no risk to customers or staff. We are working with the police to deal safely with the situation and services are expected to resume later this morning."

Campaigner Ian Duff said of the stunt: "It was designed as a message to the 1600 Shell staff in their Canary Wharf offices just across the water. Unfortunately once we were up there, we discovered the wire was just too wobbly to use. We made the call that it was too great a risk, and decided to come down."

We'd suggest just emailing them instead, perhaps, or do another thing in Lego as that was great and went viral and isn't dependent on it not being windy. [Standard]