Top Gear's Clarkson, May and Hammond to Make New Show for Amazon

By James O Malley on at

After months of speculation about where the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will end up after the kerfuffle which ended their stint on Top Gear, we finally have an answer: Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The trio will front a new car show for Amazon's Netflix-alike streaming platform, which will also be produced by veteran Top Gear producer Andy Wilman. The new show will presumably be available free to Amazon Prime subscribers who pay £79/year for the bundle of free films, TV shows, music and free postal deliveries.

According to the Evening Standard, Amazon (unsurprisingly) isn't saying how much it has paid to get the presenters, but is saying that it has made "a significant investment". The deal is global, meaning Amazon will control the show worldwide, and commits the presenters to three series of... well, whatever they decide to call the show.

Apparently the show will give the team behind it more creative control. In the sort of quotes made up for the press release Clarkson is quoted as saying “I feel like I’ve climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship.”

Hammond (or the press release's copywriter) also added “Amazon? Oh yes. I have already been there. I got bitten by a bullet ant.”

James May meanwhile said “We have become part of the new age of smart TV. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Work on the new show is due to start in the autumn and will presumably premiere next year - head to head with the BBC's rebooted Chris Evans-fronted Top Gear. [Evening Standard]