An Annotated Guide to the New Ghostbusters Proton Pack

By Adam Clark Estes on at

The release date for Ghostbusters 3 is still a year away, but director Paul Feig is getting very excited. After tweeting images of the uniforms that will be worn by the new Ghostbusters, Feig has now provided an annotated guide to the new proton packs. It’s a little confusing!

*Deep breath*. There’s a cryogen reservoir and a plasma ignition chamber and a miniaturised superconducting proton synchrotron and a faraday cage and...and. Well, it’s probably confusing because proton packs are not real. Ghosts, on the other hand

Feig also tweeted a couple of marked up photos of the early props. They are slightly less confusing.

To see some more of the proton packs from Feig's original tweets, see our previous article.