Android Wear to Enable Sending Heartbeats and Doodles

By James O Malley on at

Google's smartwatch platform, Android Wear, looks set to play catch up with the Apple Watch as well as add new gesture support in a forthcoming software update.

Phandroid reports that Android Wear will gain the ability for users to transmit their heartbeat to a friend or send them a doodle straight from the watch, just like Apple Watch users can. The new functionality will be known - to developers at least - as "together", and will initially only work on one of the built-in watch faces.

The update will also apparently bake in support for single tap gestures on watchfaces - something that has been missing in previous versions of Android Wear, but which developers have previously supported using potentially dodgy work-arounds that could crash your watch. When the new single tap gesture is used, it could unlock new functionality on watch faces. For example - faces could be used to display a weather forecast or a fitness tracking counter.

It isn't clear when the update will be made available - but it looks set to be officially announced by Google next month. [Phandroid]