Anki Overdrive Brings Modern Apps and Screens to Boring Old Scalextric Format

By Gary Cutlack on at

Although it's only July, Anki Overdrive has its sights set on being the must-have toy this Christmas, and seeing as it combines dad's favourite old Scalextric-style track with an app-based element for the kids it has every chance of taking the country by storm.

It is, basically, an updated form of Scalextric, with its cars racing -- and fighting -- on a physical track. The app element is really quite clever, as it's here, on your phone or tablet screen, that each vehicle is controlled and earns upgrades and new destructive powers that can then be used out on the track.

The tracks are also newly updated, having been upgraded for this Overdrive set. Players can now build their own circuit formations, using magnetic clips to hold together the flexible bits of track. Of course you can buy extra bits to eventually have it take over your entire house, but there are ten chunks of track in the box to get you going initially.

It's described as an "ecosystem" where buyers can get new cars with differing abilities, more exciting bits of track, app upgrades and more as the format develops, with there being no end to the demands placed upon parents for more stuff should it take off as one of the modern world's next big toy things. It launches this September. [Anki Overdrive]