Anti-Radiation Phone Case "Protects Your Manhood"

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you ever plan on doing more important things with your sperm than washing it down the sink twice a day amid a fog of regret, you might want to invest in a WaveWall case -- a phone case that's supposedly ribbed with a special lining that blocks electromagnetic radiation and can therefore protect your little seamen from damage.

Here's the science part of the WaveWall's product description:

Independent testing has demonstrated that WaveWall reduces mobile phone radiation by more than 85%. Just by putting a WaveWall in your pocket, tab facing outwards, you can shield your testes from your phone's radiation and protect your manhood.

Even if the claims of radiation sperm-death are false or perhaps massively exaggerated by a phone accessory company's freelance copywriter, it's still quite a nice looking case. Although it's not a flipper. They're dangerous. You could trap your balls in a flip case. Sizes support phones ranging from the modest display of the Nexus 4 up to modern day behemoths like the Samsung Galaxy S6, so we think that means there might be... two sizes?

The slightly suspicious wave of extremely positive 5/5 product reviews reveal a few gems, with one successfully brainwashed alleged buyer saying: "I actually feel the difference as the radiation creates a certain feeling in my body which is noticeably absent when I put it in the case. As I have the phone on me all day, it is a real benefit." [Wave Wall Cases via Shortlist]