Aphrodisiac Pasta and Chicken Pizzas Shake up 2015's Foodscape

By Gary Cutlack on at

A form of pasta with health benefits that include some sort of aphrodisiac claim is coming to the UK, courtesy of artisan dinner provider Pasta Lensi.

The company's new range of pasta is made with the old Egyptian kamut wheat grain, which is apparently higher in protein, fibre and minerals than your usual supermarket brand of dehydrated stodge. One such nutrient is manganese, which, according to sales director Nigel Singh, can increase the sexual energy of the eater.

"We are not planning on making this a key point; It’s the overall benefit of kamut that will appeal to consumers," said Singh. The pasta range will be available in the posher supermarkets only at first, with Waitrose and Ocado stocking it from the end of the month.

Meanwhile, KFC has come up with something even madder than sexy tortiglioni -- a pizza with a chicken base. The mutant food is being tested in the Philippines, presumably because the isolated island nation would be easy to quarantine and cleanse via nuclear obliteration should this mutant food zombify the population. Here is the chizza:

At least it could be quite low in carbohydrates and therefore a bit healthier than your usual bread based pizza, depending on what stuff KFC puts in the batter of this potentially revolutionary genre clash. [The Grocer, YouTube]