Apple Pay UK Launch Sees Halifax, HSBC, First Direct and Barclays Customers Miss Out

By James O Malley on at

Apple's new payment system has today launched in the UK, but despite earlier claims that HSBC, First Direct and Halifax would be supported on launch day, customers of those banks appear to have been left out for the time being.

As spotted by one Twitter user, the logos of HSBC, First Direct (which is owned by HSBC) and Halifax are now missing from the launch list:

HSBC seem to have confirmed the delay - telling TheNextWeb's Martin Bryant:

The exact reason for the delay is unclear - though we'd speculate that it has something to do with marrying up the bank's systems to Apple's. The news will no doubt be disappointing, but you have to feel for Barclays customers who currently face no prospect of joining Apple Pay, because the bank has instead opted to create its own "bPay" system. (Perhaps inevitably, some Apple fans have started a petition.)

If you're lucky enough to bank with one of the other major banks, you can find our guide on how to set up Apple Pay here.