Apple Poaches Fiat Chrysler Exec for Electric Car Dream

By Gerald Lynch on at

It'd all gone a bit quiet for a little while there when it comes to Apple's electric car. With apparently 200 staff working on a self-driving electric minivan codenamed project "Titan", Apple can now push that number up to 201. It's just acquired the skills of Fiat Chrysler executive Doug Betts.

The manager for Fiat Chrysler's global quality efforts from 2007 through 2014, Betts (whose role has yet to be divulged) is expected to work to ensure the myriad traditional car, green energy and connected tech elements that will make up the Apple car come together as a meaningful, drivable whole. Hopefully in a better state than the unreliable recent batches of Chryslers and Fiats.

As well as going on a poaching spree of Tesla talent, Apple's also recently nabbed Paul Furgale, the deputy director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's Autonomous Systems Lab, adding futher fuel to the autonomous driving fire. With Apple not expected to reveal any car plans until 2020, the long game now seems to have its major players. [WSJ]

Image Credit: Asiabizz