Apple Watch Owners May Need a New Watch Stand for WatchOS 2

By James O Malley on at

Apple could be about to render tonnes of Apple Watch accessories useless with a forthcoming software update.

As The Next Web has spotted, the launch of Apple's WatchOS 2 could make a whole host of Apple Watch stands effectively useless.

The trouble is that many stands are designed to hold the Apple Watch in portrait mode whilst you sleep - so you can look over and see the clock. The new update though brings with it "Nightstand" mode, which Apple has designed to flip around the clock so it works when your watch is laid on its side on your bedside table. The digital crown and the button become buttons to switch off your alarm and a snooze button.

Watch OS 2 will be launching later this year - possibly in tandem with iOS9 - and brings other new functionality to the Apple Watch, including more latitude for apps to run "natively" on the device, which should mean faster load times and faster processing with apps running on the device itself rather than just acting as an interface for your phone. The new OS also introduces third party "complications", enabling you to get the data you need on your watch's default view (for example, a charger meter for your electric car) - as well as the ability to use the digital crown to "time travel" through your calendar to view upcoming appointments.

Whilst it isn't known exactly how many different Apple Watch stands are affected (some will also hold your watch side-on), it will no doubt be frustrating to people who have already splashed out on an accessory. It is conceivably something that Apple could fix by updating the software to work in portrait mode, but whether Apple will deem it necessary to respond remains to be seen. [The Next Web]