Are Batteries Heavier When They're Full? Let Kryten From Red Dwarf Demonstrate

By Gary Cutlack on at

Enthusiastic internet mansplainer Tom Scott has had a go at a bit of science this week, attempting, in a light-hearted and not particularly factual way, to find out if electric cars lose weight when their batteries deplete. A celebrity got involved. The headline reveals which one.

The clip is framed around answering physics questions to do with how energy equates to mass, as in, once the energy in a battery has been depleted, does it lose mass and therefore any amount of weight? Here's a couple of men pretending to answer that question by channeling the spirit of the artist formerly known as Jeremy Clarkson in a fancy electric car:

It's basically an excuse to blag a go in a Tesla Model S in the name of content generation, with the vague answer at the end of it all being that weight equivalent to a "small grain of sand" may be shed from the overall weight of the car once the battery's depleted.

In short, batteries are a little bit heavier when full, but not so much that you'd notice without access to the sort of ultra precise digital scales used by drug dealers and you'd see more of a weight loss and performance boost from simply driving trouserless. [YouTube]