Benicio Del Toro Up for 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Bad Man Role

By Gary Cutlack on at

The naturally evil face of Benicio Del Toro may soon be linked with the biggest film franchise in existence, with rumours suggesting he's up for the job of lead black-wearing bad man in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The rumour comes from film maga-web-site Variety, which says operatives working on behalf of Disney and Lucasfilm have already actually offered the job, or a job, or some kind of job on the film, to Del Toro. The equally lumpen face of Joaquin Phoenix has also been considered for the same role, says the source, so there's clearly a [SPOILER] 40-something evil-doer doing evil in the next main Star Wars movie.

The site also says Episode VII trio Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are also expected to return, which is also a bit of a spoiler in that we presumably won't see them die this Christmas. Rian Johnson -- of Looper and several Breaking Bad episodes fame -- is up for the directing job.

This next mainline Star Wars movie is set to launch in May of 2017, following 2016's off-year spin-off Rogue One, and, of course, after Christmas 2015's big and still scarcely believable return of Episode VII. [Variety]

Image credit: Benicio Del Toro from Shutterstock