BT Trials "500Mbps" Home Broadband

By James O Malley on at

BT has announced that it is to begin residential trials of super-fast "G.Fast" broadband in Huntingdon and Gosport, as well as a smaller trial in Swansea.

The new technology uses similar "Fibre to the Cabinet" technology that has boosted broadband speeds over the last few years, but relies on a wider frequency band to push more data, more quickly. The trade off is that it relies on homes being much closer to the cabinet: the copper cables that carry your broadband the final stretch between the cabinet on your street and your home is more unreliable the further the signal has to travel. Apparently to reach further afield homes, BT may need to build smaller remote nodes on the top of telegraph poles and the like.

According to ISPReview this means that broadband speeds in the trial areas could reach as high as 500Mbps, though the expectation is that it will be capped at something like 300Mbps. If successful, this could herald the rolling out of the technology even further, in line with BT Openreach's plans for 2016/17.

Fibre-to-the-cabinet, which powers normal fibre broadband tends to top out at around 80Mbps, so it would represent a significant boost. Fingers crossed that it is successful. [ISP Review via Engadget]