Contactless Card Fines Boost London's Transport Budget

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Freedom of Information (FoI) request has given us a look into the workings of the contactless payment system used by the London Underground, showing that around 1.38 million journeys were judged incomplete between September and May, leading to passengers being charged the maximum possible fare.

This is presumably a mixture of passengers forgetting to touch out with their cards, not doing it properly or trying to game the system. London Underground received a total of £8.3m between September and May as a result of people being charged full whack for their trips, although some cash was claimed back by travellers, which left an excess of £5.7m in the Underground's hands.

Passenger Ben Schofield made the FoI requests, telling the Standard: "I use contactless to visit my mother at Lee where there are no ticket gates, making it easy to forget to touch out. If they cannot refund all that money, TfL should give Londoners a say in how it is spent, perhaps towards travel for disabled children – anything rather than leave it sitting in TfL’s coffers."

TfL says it's owed the money for trips so it's not fair to say it's lucked into £5.7m by people forgetting to tap out with their cards. [Standard]