'Creed' Trailer Sees Rocky Go All Managerial on Various Asses

By Gary Cutlack on at

It would perhaps be a bit beyond belief even for Hollywood to have Sylvester Stallone return to win the heavyweight championship as Rocky at the age of 69 years old, so he's back in a new way for fight film Creed -- he's the daddy figure mentoring the upcoming youth.

Rocky appears to become the manager of the son of his former 1980s rival Apollo Creed, in a film that sees the young Creed rise through the ranks of both sport and life, using boxing as a metaphor for the struggles of modern life. There's rap music, kissing, fireworks, punching, some small clips of the Rocky theme chords and all manner of exciting things happening in the trailer, so here it is:

The trailer gives away most of the film, mind, so maybe don't watch it if you enjoy these types of ultra-predictable sporting movies. We suspect there may be some sort of triumphant ending in which the young Creed emerges with a championship belt and revenge for his dad taking all those beatings in the 80s, but you never know. Perhaps he ends up fighting Rocky in a disagreement about contractual clauses and diet plans.

The film launches in the UK this November. [YouTube]