Even Sigourney Weaver Thought Alien vs. Predator Was Shit

By Tom Pritchard on at

Do you remember what it was like before Aliens vs. Predator came out? There was a fair bit of excitement because it was bringing two of the greatest late-20th century movie aliens on screen together, and adapting the much loved video games. You probably also remember your disappointment after it ended. It wasn't a good film, and it turns out Ellen Ripley herself thinks so too.

Speaking at the London Film and Comic Con over the weekend, Alien star Sigourney Weaver was asked whether it was her decision to have Ripley killed off at the end of Alien 3. As it turns out it was, and it was because Fox announced that an Alien vs Predator movie was on the way. Apparently she found that news depressing because she was proud of the movies that had been made.

To make matters worse, Ridley Scott was lined up to make another Alien movie, but was deterred after the announcement. So we got stuck with David Fincher's Alien 3 and whatever the hell Alien Resurrection was supposed to be.

Weaver claimed that she has no issues with developing films based on video games, but she seems to be in agreement with James Cameron who at the time said, "Why would you want to do that? It's like making Aliens meets The Wolfman."

That being said she seems rather enthusiastic about the upcoming Alien sequel directed by Neil Blomkamp. While she hasn't been officially cast in the film, Weaver said that she's excited about the film because Blomkamp is such a huge fan of the original Alien films.

Does anyone disagree with her, though? Do you think Aliens vs. Predator was a good film?

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