Female Music Fans Want Headphones that Don't Mess Up Their Hair, Says Monster CEO

By Gary Cutlack on at

Women, according to Monster CEO Noel Lee, are more bothered about headphones that don't mess up their hair than tiresome old things like audio quality. That's a summary of several quotes attributed to the man at the launch of a new range of headphones -- designed for women.

According to Digital Spy, the company's CEO, Noel Lee, came out with politically incorrect bombshell after politically incorrect bombshell, explaining of his new headphone series: "Ladies have different priorities - sound quality isn't the top of the list. It's comfort, lightweight, that it doesn't mess up my hair - that's all very important."

He was speaking at an event to publicise the UK arrival of the Pearl Collection, a range of headphones in colours like pink and purple, chosen because society tells us women like throbbing pink and purple things, like, for example, headphones.

Lee doesn't seem to be complaining that he's been quoted out of context or is the victim of the internet outrage story of the day, as he's happily retweeting the original Digital Spy piece on his own Twitter timeline, presumably under the belief that no publicity is bad publicity, especially as men care quite a bit about their hair these days too and aren't particularly averse to wearing pink things themselves either. I know. I've been to London. [Digital Spy]