Finally, Some Good News for British Bees

By Gary Cutlack on at

The poor old bees, currently under siege from pesticides, Wi-Fi signals* and men with rolled up newspapers might soon have their day, with a report into the way global warming could change England's natural habitats claiming they'll prosper in the warmer years of the near future.

The report comes from Natural England, which released it under the not very catchy title of Research on the assessment of risks & opportunities for species in England as a result of climate change. It says that species that already enjoy life in the south will benefit from warmer days, with wasps, bees and ants swarming like nobody's business due to the milder winters.

There's bad news for the north, though. It says the cuckoo might be threatened by the change in England's natural order, with mosses also suffering due to a drop in the number of cold, damp, dingy, mouldy bits of land global warming may bring. Poor mosses. Natural England says over a quarter of species may lose some habitat, but more than half could expand. Buy shares in Rentokil for the grandkids is the subtext, we think.

The report assumes a two-degree rise in average temperatures by 2080, but that's OK as most of us will be dead by then so it's not really our problem. [thumbs-up emoji, bee emoji, burning planet emoji] [Natural England via]

Image credit: Beekeeper from Shutterstock