First the Wankband, Now PornHub Builds a Twerking Robot Bum

By Gerald Lynch on at

In my day all you got was a scoop of vaseline and an old sock, but, thanks to porn megasite PornHub, wankers of the future will be fully kitted out with all the tech-savvy masturbatory aids their hairy palms could require. First it was the Wankband, then a space bound sex-tape and now this: the TwerkingButt.

Promising to set a "new benchmark in sexual stimulation," it's basically a robot arse (complete with anal cavity) that shakes when it's plugged in. Covered in "CyberSkin" (read: flesh-coloured latex), the TwerkingButt warms up to heats of 37 degrees celsius, roughly the same as the human body, inadvertently ruining the chances of this appealing to the necrophiliac niche.

Shooting straight to the top of Sir Mix-A-Lot's Christmas list, two models will be available, up for pre-order now; a $699 (£455) edition that allows you to tweak speed and vibration, and a $999 (£650) version that comes with programmable twerking rhythms and a VR headset (presumably NOT an Oculus Rift). Heaven forbid someone take a picture of you using this unawares with one of those strapped to your head at the same time – the embarrassment would turn you off sex for good. [PornHub]