Flick Pixels Makes Big Screens Out of Buttons

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man has figured out a way of turning pretty much anything into an individual pixel that could be used to build up a huge display, combining tiny magnetic actuators with fabric buttons to flip them around. All you then need is a controller to manage the pixel-flipping and anyone can spell out rude words on a massive scale.

The demo video makes it all make sense. It's almost like a steampunk vision of screen technology from Victorian days, which inventor Andrew Fentem says might be ideal for modern installations, big-screen ads or generally impressing people with something that looks like buttons have come to life thanks to a lightning strike:

They are lightweight, bendy and eco-friendly says Fentem, who sees the concept as blending the craft and digital cultures and therefore a potential double-win for him, should he bag the patent. [Andrew Fentem via The Register]