Frustrated PS4 Users are Focus Grouping Their Own Most-Wanted PSN Features

By James O Malley on at

In the games industry people power can humble even the largest of corporations - as we saw with Microsoft's abrupt U-turns after the launch of the Xbox One. But it isn't just Xbox gamers - Playstation owners have launched a "Better PSN" campaign that aims to persuade Sony to implement what they see as some much needed new features on its own online platform.

It started as a thread on the popular NeoGAF gaming forum, but has quickly evolved into an independent website. Cleverly, the website enables users to submit suggested improvements and vote on which they think is the most essential - essentially resulting in a ranked shopping list of requests for the Sony bigwigs.

At the moment, the most popular suggestion is the ability to toggle your visibility when signed into the PSN - so that you can pretend to be offline when actually on. Presumably a lot of gamers want to play games on work time. Also on the list is the ability to change your username (and view a user's username history on their profile) and more game statistics for each player too.

It's a really smart idea, and similar to an equivalent website for Xbox One - the only difference being that Microsoft runs its "Xbox Feedback" website officially, making use of ranked lists for new Xbox Live features.

It'll be interesting to see if Sony responds to this constructive fan agitation.