Global Ideas Drought Could See 'Brittas Empire' Return to TV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Chris Barrie, star of popular comedy series Red Dwarf, has hinted that one of his other creations might soon return to our comedically-challenged TV screens, with a script for a return of The Brittas Empire currently being worked on by BBC contractors.

The news comes from Barrie himself, who was speaking at fan event. Barrie explained: "There’s no secret to the fact that there’s a script that’s being commissioned by the BBC for a new Brittas Empire. So there’s a chance that [Brittas Voice] I may well be back. One of the original writers is behind it and fingers crossed it happens before I completely forget, remember how to say my name. The script stage is supposed to be done now. I may be seeing something this summer on it. So fingers crossed."

Fingers crossed indeed, fingers crossed that some sort of mass terror event wipes out our communications networks before it can be broadcast.

We have until Christmas to petition for its non-return and the encasing of all associated materials and surviving cast members in a concrete sarcophagus to be dumped in a secret location in the North Sea, as according to the BBC has confirmed that show is in development and is expected to come back as a one-off Christmas special. [Divine Varod via]