Google Glass "Enterprise Edition" Will Be Faster, With Bigger Screen

By James O Malley on at

It appears that Google Glass isn't quite dead, as the Google appears to be readying a new "Enterprise Edition" for release.

The new name appears to suggest that Google is shying away from aiming the head-mounted device at general consumers and is instead aiming it at industry, where it could find niche uses. For example, a surgeon or a builder may find it useful to have heads-up information when they can't use their hands.

According to 9to5Google, the upgraded device will apparently have on board an Intel Atom processor that will apparently improve performance and use less battery. Apparently spec-wise it is slightly faster than a top-of-the-range Android Wear device.

The prism display has also been made larger, so that it will strain eyes less; to see it you will just have to look up, rather than up and to the right. 9T5G is unsure whether this means that the device will also be running at a higher resolution.

Interestingly too, there will even be the option of an external battery pack, which could be good for industrial applications that require heavy use.

Given this is all based on inside sources and leaks, it is unclear when Google will say anything official about the new device. We await Glass's rebirth with bated breath. [9to5Google]