Harrods Discovered to Have Poshest Drop-Down Menu Ever

By James O Malley on at

Harrods is the poshest shop in London, and is the sort of place you can spend 600 grand on a telly or pick up a gold-plated Xbox, so perhaps unsurprisingly its online customer services also cater to these sorts of people.

Londonist has spotted that if you go to contact the company's customer services you're required to give your name and title. And we're not just talking "Mr" or "Ms" - Harrods has a thoroughly exotic collection of choices, including Wing Commander, Viscount, Sheikh, Master and, of course, His Royal Highness.

As Londonist notes, it would be interesting to see whether the title affects the speediness of response. Would masquerading as royalty get you what you need faster? [Londonist]