Hidden Connectors Could Make Future iPhone Apple Logos Actually Useful

By Gerald Lynch on at

Considering how instantly recogniseable the Apple logo is, it's surprising that the design-efficient Cupertino company hasn't found a utilitarian use for the fruity badge it slaps on all of its devices. However, a freshly-uncovered patent filing spotted by Apple Insider suggests that Apple may in the future be giving its logo a little more purpose than merely highlighting the size of its device owner's bank balance.

The patent details the potential for "concealed electronic connectors", housed within and behind the Apple logo (or, indeed any symbol or text Apple could choose on its devices). These could be used with modules to track a user's heart rate, or an alternative biometric security system to the Apple ID fingerprint scanner. It could even be an area where Apple could hide a long-requested wireless charging feature.

There's not a lot said about the technical realisation of the idea in the patent, but from a design perspective it certainly makes sense – as smartphone uses become more varied and complex, the potential for another user input source becomes greater. And, in the event that such a patent could be used to replace the standard iPhone home button, it would give Apple room to extend the usable screen space without making the phone itself massively bigger in the process. [Apple Insider]