How Much Energy Does the Internet Use? And Other Science Explainers

By Bryan Lufkin on at

If you love a good explainer, you’ll love SciShow, a prolific YouTube channel (nearly 700 videos) that tackle science and technology questions in bite-sized primers, usually around three minutes long. Here are a few to jumpstart your cocktail party small talk for this weekend.

I wouldn't like to see the 'leccy meter that's keeping track of all this internet power-usage..

Why do some people have red hair, and is there an evolutionary reason?

This sounds like the physics test word problem from hell.

What's left got do with it?

“Whatever you do, don’t press this button...”

... *press* EXPLOSION

Animals know how to self-medicate. See, they’re just like us! This was actual the plot of the long-lost Look Who’s Talking 4.

It’s not the mint! Learning to brush your teeth after breakfast, not before, is just one of life’s trials all must weather.