In Germany, Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (But it Does Fall Out of Them)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Visitors to a camp site in Germany were amazed to see euro notes raining down from a tree, eventually finding around €200,000 (£142,000) in notes stuffed up there in a carrier bag.

The campers in the town of Mirow apparently noticed €50 notes falling from the tree, which were coming out of a plastic bag that'd been strung over a branch. The bag was sealed with an elastic band for extra security, but, thanks to a heatwave in parts of Europe, had started to melt, letting the notes come free.

The campers reported the find to the police, netting them an instant finder's reward of €6,000 for their honesty in handing it all in instead of keeping it all and going mad at the Lego shop. Under local laws the money's all theirs if no one claims it within six months.

The owner of the camp site is said to have come forward to claim the money's his, though, with the story also containing hints of marital problems, a fire at his house and more, which come together to suggest he was hiding his money from his wife up a tree and has unfortunately been rumbled. [The Local via Time]

Image credit: Euro notes from Shutterstock