iPhone 6S Production Shown in Leaked Images

By James O Malley on at

New images leaked to a French website supposedly show the iPhone 6S in production in China, giving us our first glimpse of the phone's front-plate.

NoWhereElse obtained the images, which show a device that looks identical to the iPhone 6S. While obviously unverified (so take these images with however much salt you deem necessary), they do tally with earlier reports that the iPhone 6S (or whatever Apple decides to call it) will look pretty much exactly the same as the iPhone 6.

On the inside, we're expecting the 6S to receive the standard speed boost, as well as an improved camera (rumours suggest 12MP) and support for Apple's ForceTouch technology which determines how hard you're pressing on the screen, essentially enabling "right click" style gestures.

Currently our expectation is that Apple will be releasing the new phone around mid-September in line with previous years, with September 18th being named as one possible date.

You can find everything that we think we know about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus here. [NoWhereElse via MacRumours]