iPlayer Radio App to Enable Offline Show Downloads for 30 Days

By James O Malley on at

The BBC has announced an update to the BBC iPlayer Radio app which for the first time will let listeners download shows for listening offline on their phone - effectively turning the entire BBC Radio catalogue into podcasts. Brilliant!

So if you want to catch up with 6Music's Lauren Laverne show on the tube, it will now be possible - of if you want to have your local BBC station accompany you on a drive in a different part of the country, it is now possible without running your mobile data usage down to zero.

Like the desktop iPlayer, programmes will mostly be restricted to 30 days of offline usage before getting deleted, but it does mean that you can download something to listen to via wifi to listen to one the go.

The BBC is especially keen to highlight the fact that the app update coincides with the start of this year's Proms - just try not to sing along with Rule Britannia too loud on the bus.

Mark Friend, Controller Radio & Music Multiplatform, BBC Radio said: “The spectacular success of the BBC’s podcasts, with around 70 million downloads in May, shows that people want to download high quality audio to listen to at their convenience. Extending this to make almost all of the BBC’s radio programmes downloadable, including Comedy, Music and Drama, will delight our audience which has been asking for this. From The Proms and the Essential Mix to Just a Minute and Afternoon Drama, things won’t be the same again with your favourite BBC shows at your fingertips and easy to listen to on the move.”