It's International Free Ice Cream Day for Uber Users

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uber's annual PR stunt has just got under way in the UK, with the #UberIceCream campaign now live. In short, it means that you can have a free Cornetto today if you live in an Uber-active city, in return for getting the app on your phone and hopefully using it again in the future on a day when there's not a powerful incentive to do so.

And this is no pound shop choc ice shame, either. Uber has teamed up with ice cream behemoth Wall's, of international swinging sign fame, to deliver one of its famed Cornetto range to users, literally for free. The carbon miles used in getting yourself an ice cream this way are substantially more extreme than simply walking to the shop, but still. In terms of effort it's pretty minimal.

What you have to do is get the Uber app on your phone, set your location and slide to the ICE CREAM tab to have some poor man drive to a shop, buy you a bloody ice cream you spoilt little shit, then drop it off at your house and somehow, somewhere, Uber makes money from this, or is at least prepared to write off the man-hour-cost in the name of brand loyalty building.

The promotion runs today, Friday 24th, between 11am and 7pm, in the participating cities in the UK. Those are London and surrounding home counties, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. Let us know if you have one delivered. Take a photo of the poor driver handing it over. [UberUK]