Killer Skyscraper ATTACKS AGAIN

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Walkie Talkie tower, which made the news a couple of years ago thanks to focusing the sun's rays to such an extent that it created a localised heat ray, is attacking people again. This time it's apparently channeling the wind, so much so that it's able to knock some people off their feet.

The latest fuss surrounding architect Rafael Viñoly's tower sees Londoners complaining that its curved face is forcing the wind down to street level, creating a downdraught that's making nearby streets windier for workers. An employee in one of the surrounding businesses told The Times: "It has only really been windy since the Walkie Talkie has been here. When they were building it and there were the building works going on, it was fine. But ever since they've completed it, the wind really picked up."

The flurry of hyperlocal weather reports has got the City of London Corporation investigating the case, asking for the weather assessment reports submitted at the time of planning application to be independently assessed, with its head of design saying: "The wind outcome at street level experienced post-construction on a number of projects differs somewhat to the conditions we were expecting from the one outlined in the planning application wind assessments." [The Times via Dezeen]