Krakow, Kiev and Bratislava Top 2015's Cheap Beer Index

By Gary Cutlack on at

A travel booking aggregator has decided to put together some sort of international beer price index, as a way to help stag parties plan their 2015 destinations. Poland and Ukraine win, so perhaps don't go there if you want a sensible holiday free from vomiting blokes.

The Beer Price Index calculates the cost of alcohol by adding together supermarket and bar costs for an average 330ml bottle or can, averaging this out to find the expected cost of getting hammered both out in the local pubs and at home on your own in the hotel room.

The polish city of Krakow wins, with an overall average cost of £1.07 per bottle or can, although the survey doesn't specify whether this is for a known brand of booze or, how can we put this politely, some cheaper local alternative. All they say is that the "main local beer" was included in the poll, along with a handful of the most commonly imported drinks.

As for the UK's placing, London is a shambolic 63rd on the list, with Geneva placing bottom at 75th -- although the survey takers warn that currency fluctuations with the Swiss Franc may account for some of Switzerland's expensive beer shame. [Beer Price Index]