LG Crazy Trademark Spree Includes "Dreadlocks", "Afro" and "Beehive"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Is LG expanding into the world of hair styling? Maybe? No? Yeah, you're right – probably not. But at least that'd give some explanation as to why it's put the effort into its latest trademark spree. As spotted by Phandroid, it's hit up the USPTO to lay claim to the "LG Afro", "LG Dreadlocks" and "LG Beehive".

As for what LG has planned for the trademarks...who knows? They've broadly been filed under LG's category for goods and services, which means anything from a smartwatch to a set-top box code come with some barnet-inspired naming conventions. Personally, I'd like a little padded "Afro" case for my LG G4, and maybe a Beehive selfie-stick. [Phandroid]